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Simplify your life!

YOUR jobs done on MY time saves HOURS for YOU to enjoy the important things in your life.

Your time is worth more…

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  • Are you a business owner who needs virtual assistant help only an hour or two per week or month?
  • Local Government municipality requiring administrative assistance?
  • Recuperating from an injury and require temporary help with home or shopping needs?
  • Need a special gift purchased or shopping research done?
  • Are you a senior who needs help with groceries, banking, personal shopping and other errands?
  • Perhaps you are an Executive that would like to free up an extra few hours each week?
  • Assistance in programming numbers and/or recording messages on your new phone?
  • Is life passing you by and are you missing it?
  • Are you a career professional with an aging parent?

Ready, Set, Go ...

The client options are unending. Can you afford just pennies a day in order to gain more time and freedom in your life?

My Virtual Assistant, Concierge and Personal Assistant Services will make your life easier.

Make a call that will rescue you from the pressure of your "to do" list. I’ll do what you HAVE to do so you are able to do what you WANT to do.

Make a contact that helps you regain control of your life just when you need it.

Interpersonal and computer skills gained in my business experience, along with tons of creative energy all serve me well in my efforts to assist you!

Deborah Stanek Reast

My life journey has led me where I am today - ready to assist you and offer you a chance to have more TIME and FREEDOM…something most of us desire, but few of us ever achieve!

Who is Deborah Stanek Reast?

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